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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take deposits?

When do I get my puppy?

What does showing involve?

When can I start running with my puppy?

We do NOT take deposits until we know we have the perfect puppy for you at the right time for you! We accept applications and will keep you informed about breedings, check in with you when we confirm puppies are due & again when the litter is born. We carefully match personalities and expectations (do you want a show puppy, a companion, a performance dog?) and THEN—when we know we have the puppy for you—we will accept a deposit. Please know that an application is NOT a guarantee of getting a puppy. It is just the beginning of the process.

We send our puppies home at 8 weeks or older with their first vaccines and worming completed and a check from our Central KY Vet Hospital—a very respected Veterinarian whom we have used for over a decade.

First of all - ALL puppies are pets first! We expect you to train and socialize your puppy from the very beginning. That is the ground work for a successful pet.  Then show training and MORE socialization. When the puppy (or dog) is ready to be shown, we will teach you how to enter a show & if you are close to us, we will try to attend with you. If you are a distance, we will try to find someone in your area to help. Showing should be fun for you and your pet. Showing costs will entail entry fees, a handler {if you desire one) and travel expenses.

We don’t suggest structured/forced (leashed) exercise until 2 years or more to allow for growth plates to close and the puppies bones to develop fully. These are large dogs who take many months to stop growing. When young, we suggest more mental stimulation to tire them (ask us about toys we like).

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